Posts for the month of December 2009

Better line wrapping in Vim, 2nd iteration

Fedora updated the version of Vim in Fedora 11, and I had to update the better line wrapping patch to work with the new 7.2.315-1.fc11. The updated patch is here.

LPub4 for Linux, 3rd iteration

LPub4 is a program by Kevin Clague for creating high-quality instructions for Lego models. It runs on OS X and Windows. I ported it to Linux a while ago.

Since that blog post, Don Heyse the author of ldglite emailed me about the ldglite bug I ran into. A bit more detail and a testcase later, and Don had a fix for ldglite 1.2.4 in CVS. Thank you, Don -- you are awesome.

With the patches from the last LPub4 post, LPub4 runs on Linux and works with both ldglite and LDView.