• AdvancedTicketWorkflowPlugin - Trac plugin for doing unusual or experimental things in ticket workflows. (Hosted on trac-hacks.)
  • CorsairKeyboardController - Driving Corsair Gaming keyboards (such as the K70-RGB and K95-RGB) on Linux with Python
  • DigitalMultimeter - Software for reading the RadioShack 22-812 multi-meter's serial port.
  • FloppyMachine - Robotic floppy disk archiver built out of Lego and programmed in Python
  • Lego toolchain:
    • LDrawPartsLibrary - Packaging of the parts library for Linux
    • LDView - Packaging and patches for LDView (Lego rendering) for Linux
    • LPub4 - Packaging and patches for LPub4 (Lego instruction creation) for Linux
    • LeoCAD - Packaging of LeoCAD for Linux
  • QuickGridZones - keyboard-driven, grid-based, tiling window management tools
  • SabatonIndex - Index of Sabaton songs and related material
  • VimBreakIndent - A patch for smarter line-wrapping in Vim

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