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Read more about my professional life at LinkedIn and my Resume, but the one-sentence summary is: I am an entrepreneur and software engineer and I like developing with Python, working on Trac, doing Linux kernel and distribution development, and working with the Free/OpenSource Software communities.

Photos on flickr Answers on StackOverflow

I help maintain Trac. (And I made a stab at a little project on Savannah that didn't go anywhere.) You can also see my locally hosted projects.

While more active with the Linux kernel, I managed to say a few worthwhile things and got a few changes merged.

I live in Allen, TX; it's north of Plano, which is north of Richardson, which is north of Dallas.

It shouldn't need to be said, but for the lawyers out there: what I post here is my own and does not represent any employer, client, customer, etc, whether past, present, or future.

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