Quick Grid Zones is a set of window management shortcuts for quickly and flexibly arranging windows using the keyboard.

This has some similarities to tiling window managers, to KDE's "quicktile" shortcuts, and to Microsoft's Fancy Zones. But Quick Grid Zones focuses on providing a set of hotkeys that make logical sense and are easy to remember.

The idea is that the Super key (aka Tux, Cmd, Windows key) with modifiers and arrow keys allow you to move and resize the active window across the screen, snapping to a grid.

  • Super-Left/Right/Up/Down move the window across the screen.
  • Super-Ctrl-Left/Right/Up/Down grow the window in the given direction by a grid cell, if there is room.
  • Super-Shift-Left/Right/Up/Down shrink the window in the given direction by a grid cell.


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